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What is 3D print?

3D Printing with 3Dream Warsaw

3D Printing is modern technology, that helps creating real objects from computer design in a fast and simple way.

It is also known as additive manufacturing and unlike CNC milling gives a possibility to create complex shapes and allows reduction of material consumption to bare minimum.

We are specialized in FDM, SLS and SLA technologies and we use them accordingly to customer needs. We advise customer on every detail and help them choose both the proper technology as well as the right material.

We do not limit ourselves to only one technology or material. We have wide range of colours at our disposal.

What do we specialize in?

What else do we offer?

Apart from 3D printing alone we offer a variety of complex postprocess services such as smoothing, sanding, drilling, painting (in RAL colour palette if a client wishes) and glueing to create models that best suit our clients’ desires. We provide detailed technical documentation and also offer basic endurance simulations or 3D rendered model animation.

We choose printing parameters to optimise the cost and quality of printed objects in accordance with personalised clients requirements.

Why 3D printing?

  • Personalisation
    We can design our products to be unique, like applying company’s logo to a chosen item
  • Rapid prototyping
    Possibility of fast 3D concept model creation for testing and checking for errors before beginning mass production
  • Reverse engineering
    Reconstruction of a real object that no longer is in production, which is barely available on the market or making cheaper and more durable replica of a said object.

Our technologies:

FDM prints

We use FFF/LPD/FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology which allows for wide choice of colours and materials for printing. The technology is based around an idea of laying down layer upon layer of semi-fluid thermoplastic material on build platform.

It is the best value for money. Products are durable and UV resistant. If we deal with sophisticated design automatic generated support beams may be neccessary. It is one of the few techniques where we can easily adjust infill procentage to reduce cost and weight.

We use only professional, one or two-head machines that let us print in two colors in the same time and we use dissolvable support materials. Additionaly at a client’s request we offer detailed postprocessing of a product.

SLS prints

Alternatively we may offer selective laser sintering technology based around laser sintering of polyamide powdered plastic gradually filling up working chamber layer by layer. A model processed in such way never needs any additional support elements it’s infill procentage is the highest.

It is dedicated for the most complex shapes that size tolerance is very rigorous and for complicated Voronoi style shapes that would have large amount of hard to remove supports. It’s also very good for making strong and durable mechanical parts. You can easily use SLS printed models not only as a prototypes but as a fully functional parts. It’s only limited to low range of available materials relatively higher cost than other technologies. Polyamide material (nylon) has wide application in industry and also in our everyday lives.

SLA prints

It is the first developed 3D printing technique. Models printed in this technology are made of liquid resin which is hardened by extremely precise laser light focused on a small spot. Printed object emerges from a dish filled with special resin and upon completion it must be bathed in a special fluid to wash away resin residue. After that it needs additional hardening with UV light lamp.

It is dedicated for all kinds of models that have many small details that have to be well projected. Quality of model’s surface is comparable to injection molded products. Layer thickness is so small that it can’t be noticed with the naked eye. It is perfect for very small but complitated models such as figurines or jewellery. You can succesufully use SLA models for making final molds or for lost wax technique. Prints have excellent quality without need for additional smoothing but they are UV light sensitive and whole production process is relatively slow.

Wydruki SLM

Na zaawansowane potrzeby naszych klientów uruchomiliśmy usługę bezpośredniego drukowania w proszkach metali – w tym także szlachetnych na specjalne zamówienie.

Zasada działania tej technologii jest bardzo zbliżona do SLS z tą różnicą, że drukowane modele wymagają zastosowania dodatkowych podpór, które są kanałami odprowadzającymi ciepło w trakcie druku. Sproszkowany metal zostaje przetopiony laserem o niezwykłej precyzji tworząc nawet najbardziej skomplikowane modele jubilerskie, dentystyczne czy przemysłowe. Pozwala to na znaczne skrócenie czasu otrzymania finalnego modelu z danego metalu niż w przypadku alternatywnej technologii SLA. 

You can find the table of all available materials with technical documentation for all our technologies here.

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